Building Winning Relationships

Successful people build and maintain winning relationships. This program will equip participants with powerful relationship building skills that will help them succeed in business and life. Research and experience has shown that the quality of working and personal relationships has the greatest impact on our success and happiness. Bringing together the latest research in the fields of relational success and positive psychology, Nick provides a revolutionary and practical approach to personal and business success.

Xcelerate Your Success

Secrets of the Greatest Speakers

Learn the secrets of successful communication. This program will help participants develop skillful ways of communication and dealing with all sorts of people, for both personal and professional success. Combining the latest research evidence and packed with practical and effective techniques, Nick takes learners from first encounters all the way to sophisticated techniques used by the big winners in business and life.

Innovation is a key priority for organisational success. This interactive and thought provoking program will boost and expand the innovation capability of the organisation. Participants will learn to unlock the gates to innovation by tapping into their natural creativity DNA. Learn to create an innovative culture which sparks progress in practices, processes and attitudes for organisational success. 


Win at work and succeed at life. This advance motivational program will equip participants with the latest research and skill in psychology and productivity to achieve and sustain peak performance. In this invigorating and insightful program, participants will learn the secrets, habits and mindsets of ultra successful people and catalyse a breakthrough that will ultimately lead to dramatic personal and professional transformation. 
              Most Requested School Topics

Unlock and activate the inner drive in our students to them succeed in school and make the best of life. Let's be honest. Traditional motivation and learning technique just doesn't work. If we are serious about helping out students achieve what matters most, we need a different approach. Barrier Breakers! has a proven 5-step process to help students get clear, get motivated and stay on track towards achieving their most important goals. 

Learning to believe in themselves. This workshop utilises a creative approach towards helping students understand and grow in self-confidence and self-esteem. In this insightful and engaging program, students will grow in awareness of their limiting self-beliefs, develop and feel greater confidence to engage with people, as well as to project confidence in everyday situation. 

Unstoppable Self-Confidence

Good etiquette never goes out of style. In this laughter-filled and time-tested program, students will learn the the art of good manner and behaviour for everyday situations and interactions. Give your students a head start in cultivating a set of social skills which will have a tremendous impact on their personal and professional success. 

Social & Fine Dining Etiquette 101

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